Featured Alumni

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    Stephanie Ryan

    Graduated: 2012, Urban Education Cohort 1

    Concentration: Middle Grades Social Studies

    Current Position: Social Studies Teacher at Smitha MS Marietta, GA

    "Urban Education has been an amazing experience. You will get a lot of classroom time to learn from both your teachers and students!"

    • Jim

      Jim Triplett

      Graduated: 2012, Urban Education Cohort 1

      Concentration: Elementary & early Childhood Education

      Current Position: 3rd Grade Teacher at Gateway ES St. Louis, MO

      "I'm extremely glad that I'm a graduate at the Urban Education program at KSU! This program has truly prepared me to have the confidence, and skills, to enter into my own classroom, and change the lives of these you men! Thank-you TQP!"

      • Tracie

        Tracie Perkins

        Graduated: 2013, Urban Education Cohort 2

        Concentration: Elementary & Early Childhood Education

        Current Position: Teacher at Green Acres ES, Smyrna, GA

        "The Urban Education Option provided me first hand experience with the challenges and rewards of teaching in Title 1 school. These students have great potential and it is our job to help them realize their potential. The partnerships between KSU and Cobb County provided an environment in which I was able to understand, by hands on experience, the unique needs of students in these schools. I believe this experience will make me a more effective teacher."

        • Leshea

          Leshea Hermansen

          Graduated: 2012, Urban Education Cohort 1

          Concentration: Biology Education

          Current Position: Biology Teacher at Osborne HS Marietta, GA

          "These students need a mentor and a dependable person in their life. I have formed many relationships, not friends with my students. These are "my children" and being at Osborne High School has given me the opportunity to influence so many young people into doing the right thing."

          • James

            James Michael Crawley

            Graduated: 2012, Urban Education Cohort 1

            Concentration: History Education

            Current Position: History Teacher at Campbell HS Smyrna, GA

            "The academic knowledge I have gained from this program is greater than I could have ever imagined. However, my academic growth through this program pales in comparison to my personal growth as a result of the Urban Education Program."